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A Patient's Guide to Hip Arthroscopy Surgery

by Srino Bharam, MD | 21 days ago

#hipsurgery #hipinjury Gain valuable insights from Srino Bharam, MD, MBA, of Hip Preservation and Groin Center in New York City, shares an informative guide to hip arthroscopy surgery

Hip Arthroscopy: Gluteus Medius Repair - Double-Row Suture Bridge Technique

The glteus medius and minimus are considered by some as the rotator-cuff muscles of the hip. Tear..
By American Hip Institute &..
11 years ago

VV MI Hip Registration

The Vector Vision Minimally Invavise system not only takes existing bone structures and the..
By Dr Paul Jarman
15 years ago

Surgical Dislocation for Proximal Femoral Deformity, Dr. Justin LaReau, Chicago Hip Symposium (2013)

Dr. Justin LaReau presents on surgical dislocation for proximal femoral deformity at the Chicago..
By Benjamin Domb, M.D.
10 years ago

Return to Play with Hip Arthroscopy

Athletes push their bodies physically whether it be in workouts, practices, or sports. However,..
By Srino Bharam, MD
1 year ago

Cannulated Drill.MPG

A hip resurfacing femoral prosthesis has a sleeve component with an internal bore adapted to..
By Edwin P. Su, MD
15 years ago

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