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Am I a Candidate? (for Bariatric Surgery)

by Walter Medlin, M.D. | 2 years ago

Do not assume that your Body Mass Index (BMI) will prevent you from having an operation! BMI is not the whole picture, and we make every decision individually WITH you!

Laparoscopic Roux-en-y Gastric Bypass by Marc Zare, MD

Gastric bypass is the most popular surgical weight loss procedure in the US for individuals with..
By Marc M. Zare, MD
12 years ago

Difference between healthy weight loss and unhealthy weight loss

In this video, Stephanie Olivares, Clinical Nutritionist at Healthy Living Dallas, explains the..
By Dr. Anil Pinto
6 years ago

Philip LePage, Surgeon

Philip LePage, Surgeon - explains his role at Oclinic. To know more, Visit..
By OClinic
6 years ago

Gastic Band

Animation of Gastric Band Procedure
By Dr. Andrew Jenkinson
9 years ago

5. Gastric Banding Procedure Follow Up Consultation

Associate Professor John Dixon takes a patient through a Gastric Banding Procedure follow-up..
By Dr Michael Hatzifotis
9 years ago

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