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by Tru Ortho | 8 months ago

Amanda Marshall Orthopedic Surgeon After extensive training in minimally invasive hip and knee replacements and complex

Dr. Shane Nho and Hip Arthroscopy patient Joe Emerich

Dr. Shane Nho, surgeon and hip arthroscopy specialist at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, and patient..
By Shane J. Nho, M.D.
6 years ago

What is the success rate of knee arthroplasty and the economic benefit for a patient?

Our expert physician, Dr. Thomas Parr, discusses the success rate of a knee arthroplasty and the..
By Brian S. Parsley. M.D.
8 years ago

BHR The Past and the Future of Hip Resurfacing - Dr Edwin Su

BHR The Past and the Future of Hip Resurfacing - Dr Edwin Su In this video, Dr Edwin Su takes a..
By Hip Resurfacing
2 years ago

Dr. Scott Sporer Discusses New RSA Technology to Track Implant Movement

Dr. Scott Sporer- hip, knee and joint replacement specialist at MOR- discusses a new, cutting edge..
By Scott M. Sporer, MD
8 years ago

Dr. Eggers's patient testimonial hip 6

Here is what patients have to say after their hip replacement surgery
By John P. Eggers, M.D.
9 months ago

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