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Arthroscopic Bicep Tenodesis

by Brian L. Badman, MD | 4 years ago

Arthroscopic Bicep Tenodesis visit https://www.indyshoulder.com/ for more information.

Knee Rehabilitation High Demand - Phase1

Knee Rehabilitation High Demand - Phase1 Welcome to our Knee Rehabilitation-High Demand video..
By Matthew T. Boes M.D.
7 years ago

SBO: Sean Lorenz Hockey Injury

Sean Lorenz with Notre Dame Hockey has suffered from repeated injuries during his hockey career...
By South Bend Orthopaedics
11 years ago

Total Knee Replacement with e-Libra and Computer Navigation

Dr. Stefan Kreuzer demonstration Synvasive's, the LIBRA Dynamic Knee Balancing System for..
By Stefan Kreuzer, MD
13 years ago

Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy

Sometime the patella (knee cap) does not track/glide properly, anterior knee pain can result. In..
By Grant H. Garcia, MD
7 years ago

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