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Arthroscopic videos demonstrating the repair construct

by Brian Lee, M.D. | 4 years ago

Sutures are passed through the tendon AND the cadaveric tissue and then tied and secured into lateral anchors securing the repaired tendon and graft back to the bone!

My Experience with Superior Capsular Reconstruction

Brian J. Cole, MD, MBA, (Chicago, IL) describes his experiences with Superior Capsular..
By Dr. Brian Cole
5 years ago

My Shoulder Surgery Practice - Theodore Shybut MD FAANA (Shoulder Surgeon Valencia, Van Nuys, LA CA)

My Shoulder Surgery Practice: Shoulder Arthroscopy / Bankart Repair / Shoulder Stabilization /..
By Theodore B. Shybut, M.D.
4 years ago

Posterior Shoulder Dislocation Surgery

Reverse remplissage/subscapularis rotator cuff repair, anterior and posterior labral repairs.
By Mr. Tony Kochhar
10 years ago

"How To" DonJoy Ultra Sling IV

My Athletic Trainer, Brice Snyder put together a video on how to reapply the DonJoy Ultra Sling IV..
By Jason P. Young, MD
7 years ago

Professor Allan Wang - Orthopaedic Surgeon Perth - Shoulder and Upper Limb Surgery

#Perth #orthopaedicsurgery #Perth #orthopaedicsurgery
By Dr. Allan Wang
3 years ago

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