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Cataract Intraocular Replacement Lens

by South Western Eye Care | 23 days ago

Cataract Intraocular Replacement Lens https://www.southwesterneyecare.com.au/ for more information

Retina Diabetic PDR Laser

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By Dr Tim Isaacs
2 years ago

A message from our Medical Director

A message from our Medical Director Imperial Healthcare Institute is a center for clinical..
By Imperial Healthcare Institute
3 years ago

Paragon CRT - Ortho-K Lenses to correct your vision while you sleep

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) Imagine if you could correct your nearsightedness and reduce your..
By Laguna Eye Care
8 years ago

How the Eye Works and AMD

The macula is a small area at the center of the retina that gives us our pinpoint central vision...
By Dr Tim Isaacs
9 years ago

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