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Chest Curls

by Illinois Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Centers | 11 months ago

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ACDF Patient Education Animation

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By James B. Blankenship, MD
4 years ago

Can arthritis of the neck and shoulder be surgically treated?

Dr. A. Jay Khanna, an orthopaedic spinal surgeon at Johns Hopkins Medicine, answers a viewer's..
By A. Jay Khanna, MD
3 years ago

Causes of Achilles Tendon Problems | Dr. Carr Vineyard | Top10MD

Dr. Carr Vineyard, Dallas Fort Worth Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon, explains causes and..
By Carr Vineyard, MD
3 years ago

Hip Instability, Dr. Timothy Jackson, Chicago Hip Symposium (2013)

Presentation on hip instability by Dr. Timothy Jackson at the Chicago Hip Symposium.
By Benjamin Domb, MD
6 years ago

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