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Elastic Bandage

by Boston Sports & Shoulder Center | 1 month ago

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Phase 1 postoperative exercises (Day 8-14)

Demonstration of exercises including supine glute iso, standing hamstring curls, standing heel..
By James Genuario, M.D.
3 years ago

Leg Lengthening Procedure

Leg Lengthening Procedure Visit http://www.ianbacarese-hamilton.co.uk/ for more information
By Mr. Ian Bacarese-Hamilton
6 years ago

Tibial Torsion Diagnosis and Treatment / Patient Testimonial: Ashley

Ashley, diagnosed with Tibial Torsion, was treated by David S. Feldman, MD, an orthopedic surgeon..
By David S. Feldman, MD
4 years ago

Surgical and Non-Surgical Management of Sciatica (Leg pain)

A minimally invasive spine surgeon uses only the most recent peer reviewed publications to explain..
By Chester John Donnally, III,..
3 years ago

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