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Every Knee is different - Zimmer Biomet

by Dr. Michael Lawson Swank | 5 months ago

Every Knee is different - Zimmer Biomet Visit https://www.michaelswankmd.com/ for more information.

Knee 5 - Chair Rises

Complete 2-3 rounds of 8-10 repetitions, twice a day
By Daniel M. Ward, M.D.
4 years ago

Vail Sport Cord Testing - Single Leg Squat

Demonstration of correct form and common breaks in form for single leg squat component of Vail..
By Andrew Parker, MD
1 year ago

What causes bone spurs in knees?

Why do bone spurs appear in your knee joint? This animation explains the causes of bone spurs...
By Total Sports Medicine &..
9 years ago

Dr Christopher Larson Patient Testimonial

Star High School Football Quarterback Noah Sanders has successful Meniscal Surgery by Dr..
By Christopher M. Larson, M.D.
8 years ago

New Procedure at Sentara Provides Relief for Common Knee Pain

Sentara introduces a new procedure, called Subchondroplasty, to help reduce knee pain and put off..
By Jordan-Young Institute
9 years ago

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