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Family testimonial

by Emirates Rehabilitation & Homecare | 4 months ago

A testimonial from our stroke rehabilitation patient. Anselmo was diagnosed with a right internal carotid aneurysm and found a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage, grade 4 intraventricular hemorrhage that left him with severe left-sided weakness, unable to walk, unclear articulation of

Dr. Chad Myeroff's Physical Therapy Intro Video

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By Chad Myeroff, MD
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Natural Treatment to Healing | Dr. James D. Weiss - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist

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12 months ago

Prone Press-Up Exercises | Back Stretching | Exercises for Lower Back Pain | Texas

Back Stretching Prone Press Up Visit http://www.houstonrehabilitation.com/ for more information
By Advanced Orthopaedics and..
4 years ago

Exercise classes Neutral Bay Physiotherapy

Exercise classes Neutral Bay Physiotherapy
By Neutral Bay Physiotherapy
6 years ago

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center Abu Dhabi

Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center Abu Dhabi
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