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Foam Rollers

by Nicholas B. Frisch MD | 5 months ago

#hipreplacement #kneereplacement #orthopedics Unlocking the secrets of self-care and recovery with a foam roller. Join Val in this step-by-step guide to enhance your flexibility and well-being. Your journey to a healthier you starts here

May is National Walking Month

Dr. Swank discusses the benefits of walking on FOX 19 NOW. Visit..
By Dr. Michael Lawson Swank
1 month ago

Patient walking 7 days after Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery at OINT

Patient walking 7 days after robotically assisted knee replacement surgery performed by Dr...
By Orthopedic Institute of..
3 years ago

Behind the Scenes with Dr. Frisch: Imaging and Surgery

#orthopedics #patientcare #healthyliving Dr. Nicholas Frisch, board-certified orthopedic surgeon..
By Nicholas B. Frisch MD
10 months ago

Dr. Kevin Roth featured in This is SF show

Dr. Kevin Roth featured in This is SF show Visit http://www.kevinrothmd.com/ for more information
By Kevin M. Roth, MD
6 years ago

OMNIBotics Robotic Assisted TKR

OMNIBotics Robotic Assisted TKR Visit http://www.stvincentsboneandjoint.com... for more..
By St Vincents Bone & Joint
5 years ago

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