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Gastic Band

by Dr. Andrew Jenkinson | 10 years ago

Animation of Gastric Band Procedure

Gastric Bypass Conversion Narrated Dr. Walter Medlin

Gastric Bypass Conversion to Loop Duodenal Switch
By Bariatric Medicine Institute
1 year ago

Muscle Splitting Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair by Daniel Cottam, MD and Christina Richards, MD

Muscle Splitting Diaphragmatic Hernia repair by Daniel Cottam, MD and Christina Richards, MD
By Bariatric Medicine Institute
7 years ago

Patient Testimonial - Maureen

Patient Testimonial - Maureen
By Dr. Arif Ahmad
10 years ago

Driving post-surgery

Driving post-surgery Visit http://www.obesitysurgerymanchester.c... for more information.
By Prof. Siba Senapati
3 years ago

Gastic Bypass

Gastric Bypass Animation
By London Bariatric Consultants
10 years ago

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