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Hip circles

by Hal David Martin, DO | 2 months ago

Phase 1 postoperative exercises (Day 1-7)

Demonstration of exercises including hip circumduction, hip abdution, hip fluction, heel slides,..
By James Genuario, M.D.
5 months ago

Robotic Hip Final - AAOS

Robotic Hip Final - AAOS Visit https://www.americanhipinstitute.com/ for more information.
By American Hip Institute
1 year ago

VV MI Hip Registration

The Vector Vision Minimally Invavise system not only takes existing bone structures and the..
By Pierre Bruneau, M.D.
13 years ago

New Hip Replacement Technology

New Hip Replacement Technology Dr. Peterson received extensive training in hip replacement..
By Erik D.Peterson, MD
10 years ago

Rehabilitation After Hip Arthroscopy, Dr. Timothy Jackson, Chicago Hip Symposium (2013)

Dr. Timothy Jackson presents rehabilitation treatment for patients after hip arthroscopy at the..
By American Hip Institute
8 years ago

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