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Hip Impingement

by Phil Downer, M.D. | 4 years ago

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Dr. Brian Murphy Discusses About Options for Hip Surgery

Dr. Brian Murphy is an orthopaedic surgery specialist in Indianapolis and has been practicing for..
By Brian Murphy, MS, M.D.
5 years ago

Benefits of Multimodal Pain Management after Hip Replacement Surgery

#painmanagement #jointreplacement #hipreplacementsurgery Dr. David N. Buchalter is a..
By David N. Buchalter, M.D.
12 months ago

Total Hip Replacement Patient Testimonial Houston TX. Dr. Adam Freedhand

www.adamfreedhand.com - 713-827-9316 Dr. Adam Freedhand:
By Adam Freedhand, M.D.
10 years ago

Dr Eggers's patient testimonial hip 38

Here is what patients have to say after their hip replacement surgery
By John P. Eggers, M.D.
5 years ago

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