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Internal Rotation of the Shoulder, ROM measurements

by Robert Burks, MD | 5 months ago

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Slingshot 2 Shoulder Brace Application

How to apply the Slingshot 2 Shoulder Brace. For more information about the Slingshot 2 Shoulder..
By Jason P. Young, MD
9 years ago

5. Shoulder Arthroscopy, Labral Repair, with or without Capsular Shift

http://www.visittoc.com/provider-dire... https://www.facebook.com/Michael-Cant.....
By Michael Cantrell, MD
4 years ago

Novel way to manage a failed Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

Randy Clark, MD from Coral Desert Orthopedics in St. George Utah narrates a video demonstration of..
By Randy R. Clark, M.D
8 years ago

Dr. J. Theodore Schwartz Explains Rotator Cuff Tear | Orthopedic Surgeon at Webster Orthopedics

Watch this video to learn more about rotator cuff tears from Webster Orthopedics surgeon, Dr. J...
By J. Theodore Schwartz, Jr.,..
8 years ago

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