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Narrated Full Hip Arthroscopy 1

by Mark Wagner. M.D | 11 years ago

Narrated video of Hip Arthroscopy with Labral Repair, Microfracture, Rim Trimming and Osteoplasty

Hip Arthroscopy - Microfracture Technique

This video demonstrates our preferred method of arthroscopic hip microfracture in cases of..
By American Hip Institute
2 years ago

Water Exercises Before Hip Replacement Surgery Improves Outcome

Dr. Albright talks with patient after hip replacement surgery to discuss what he did before..
By Daniel J. Albright, MD
4 years ago

New York - Dr. Su - Interview

Visit SurfaceHippyInfo.com for more videos & Hip Resurfacing Information.
By Top Hip Surgeons
7 years ago

Endoscopic Gluteus Medius Repair by Dr Thomas Youm

The gluteus medius is a muscle on the outside of the hip, which is important for lateral movement..
By Thomas Youm, MD
7 years ago

SuperPATH for Surgeons Animation

SuperPATH for Surgeons Animation
By Dr. Jimmy Chow
8 years ago

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