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Open Surgical Dislocation for Femoroacetabular Impingement


This video shows our preferred technique for open surgical dislocation approach for open FAI treatment. The hip joint is accessed via Gibson's interval, a trochanteric step cut osteotomy is utilized for the trochanteric flip, "Z" shape capsulotomy is done and the capsule is separated form the labrum. An open impingement test shows the abutment of the femoral neck over the acetabular rim. View inside the joint using an arthroscopic camera reveals acetabular labral tear and cartilage flap (ALAD 3). An open base re-fixation of the labrum is preformed. At that point a semi-circular plastic template is used to evaluate the cam lesion and mark the osteoplasty line; the osteoplasty is done with an osteotome and re-evaluated by the plastic template. The femoral head is reduced and final open impingement exhibit smooth flexion, adduction and internal rotation of the hip.


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