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Postop Shoulder Wound Dressings

by Brian Davis, M.D. | 0 seconds

Postop Shoulder Wound Dressings Visit https://www.coloradosportsmeddoc.com/ for more information.

Arthroscopic Management of Shoulder Instability - Technical Pearls

Arthroscopic Management of Shoulder Instability - Technical Pearls. For more information, please..
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2 years ago

Frozen shoulder arthroscopic release

Randy Clark, MD from Coral Desert Orthopedics in St. George Utah and Michael Bahk, MD Southern..
By Randy R. Clark, MD
12 years ago

Stemless TSA technique

Stemless Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery
By IndyShoulder
3 years ago

Barbara shares her EMOG experience with Dr. Matthew J. Garfinkel

After injuring her shoulder on the job in September 2021, Barbara was referred to Dr. Garfinkel at..
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2 years ago

Complex Rotator cuff injuries- A case-based discussion

Rotator cuff tears: A case-based discussion Faculty
By Indian American Shoulder &..
3 years ago

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