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Resistance Band Info

by Robert A. Keller, MD | 8 months ago

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What kind of problem were you having?

A patient at the Orthopaedic Specialists Institute Medical Group of Orange County (OSIMGOC)..
By Michael Shepard, M.D.
11 years ago

Shoulder arthroscopy subacromial decompression and ACJ by consultant Rupen Dattani

Description of Shoulder arthroscopy subacromial decompression acromio clavicular joint excision by..
By Rupen Dattani
2 years ago

Rotator Cuff Repair & Alternative Surgery - Dr. Lawrence Gulotta, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Lawrence Gulotta, Orthopedic Surgeon, discusses an alternative surgery for patients not..
By Lawrence V. Gulotta, MD
9 years ago

Sleeper - Stretch Video

Sleeper - Stretch Video Visit http://www.michaelshepardmd.com/ for more information
By Michael Shepard, M.D.
8 years ago

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