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Revision Laterjet

by Dr. Laith M. Jazrawi | 8 years ago

Dr Jazrawi demonstrates his technique for a revision laterjet procedure in the shoulder

Arthroscopic Anterior and Posterior Bankart Repair

Shoulder Arthroscopy - Anterior and Posterior Labral Repair
By Mr. Socrates Kalogrianitis
12 years ago

4 Reasons You May Need Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Do you have shoulder pain? Shoulder replacements are highly successful surgeries for severe..
By Dr. Daneca "Donna" DiPaolo
2 years ago

Shoulder Instability and Surgical Options

Dr. Grant H. Garcia specializes in minimally invasive shoulder procedures including stemless..
By Grant H. Garcia, MD
5 years ago

Partial Shoulder Replacement (arthrosurface)- 2 year follow up

Partial Shoulder Replacement (arthrosurface)- 2 year follow up
By Tony Jabbour, MD
12 years ago

Surgical example of Bankart repair and Remplissage

Randy Clark, MD from Coral Desert Orthopedics in St. George Utah and Michael Bahk, MD from the..
By Randy R. Clark, MD
12 years ago

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