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Revision rotator cuff repair with a cadaver graft

by Randy R. Clark, M.D | 7 years ago

Randy Clark, MD from Coral Desert Orthopedics in St. George Utah and Mark Getelman, MD from the Southern California Orthopedic Institute narrate a video demonstration of revision rotator cuff reconstruction with a cadaver graft technique. Dr. Clark is an orthopedic surgeon who has sports medicine/arthroscopic fellowship training. Dr. Clark has a particular interest in minimally invasive shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle tendon and ligament reconstruction. Dr. Getelman is a world renowned orthopedic shoulder and knee surgeon in Van Nuys, CA. He travels internationally to teach minimally invasive shoulder and knee surgery. He is an active mentor to Dr. Clark. This case presents a great solution to a complicated problem. Massive and "irrepairable" rotator cuff tears are becoming more common in today's patient population. Traditional methods for dealing with this problem are often invasive and extreme. We feel that by using a "cadaver graft" to reconstruct the rotator cuff we are able to restore "normal" anatomy. Our experience with this surgery has been extensive and our patients often return to usual employment and hobbies.

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