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Riccioppo Bashir

by IFSO | 3 months ago

Riccioppo Bashir Visit http://www.ifso.com/ for more information.

LapBand Removal Converted to Mini-Gastric Bypass

Dr Rutledge removes failed Lapband and converts patient to Mini-Gastric Bypass, www.clos.net,..
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12 years ago

Meridian Weightless - Karl Strom, M.D. - Bariatric Procedures

Weight-loss surgery options at Bayshore Community Hospital and Southern Ocean Medical Center.
By NJ Weight Loss Doctors
4 years ago

Mr Jenkinson Discusses Bariatric Surgery

Interview. Answering common questions on weight loss surgery procedures.
By London Bariatric Consultants
7 years ago


Animation of chronic diseases at http://www.healthjourneysupport.com/
By Dr. Arif Ahmad
10 years ago

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