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SDT Guest Dr Wayne Weil OSS

by Wayne M. Weil, M.D | 10 months ago

#golf #baseball #rehab Dr. Wayne Weil is an exceptional individual who juggles multiple roles as a father, athlete, and surgeon. He has garnered recognition as one of the leading orthopedic surgeons specializing in hand and elbow surgery. In an insightful episode of Sports Doc Talk Podcast, Dr. Grant Garcia

Dr. Zayde Radwan shared treatment options for those suffering with arthritis.

Dr. Zayde Radwan, orthopedic surgeon with Memorial Hermann Joint Center, shared treatment options..
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4 years ago

Patient Testimonial for Dr. Salil Gupta | Right Thumb Injury

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Patient Testimonial Video

Patient Testimonial Video Visit https://www.londonspinecare.co.uk/ for more information
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5 years ago

Gamekeeper's Fracture Repair

Gamekeeper’s Fracture Repair Visit https://www.seattlehandandelbow.com/ for more information.
By Wayne M. Weil, M.D
2 years ago

Restoring Thumb Extension with a Tendon Transfer

Restoring Thumb Extension with a Tendon Transfer Visit https://www.seattlehandandelbow.com/ for..
By Wayne M. Weil, M.D
1 year ago

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