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Sports Knee Injuries

by Tarique Parwez | 7 months ago

Sports Knee Injuries Presented at One Hatfield Hospital on 29.2.20 To Gp's, physios and osteopaths.

Knee Replacement Patient Testimonial | Dr. Umar Burney

Knee Replacement Patient Testimonial for Dr. Umar Burney - Priscilla shares her experience of..
By Orthopedic Specialists of..
2 years ago

What is the pain behind my knees when I run?

Dr. Charles Preston of Muir Orthopaedic Specialists talks about pain behind the knees when running.
By Charles F. Preston, MD
8 years ago

Patellar HA-BMAC Cartilage Repair Arthroscopic Technique

Patellar HA-BMAC Cartilage Repair Arthroscopic Technique
By Graeme P. Whyte MD
4 years ago

Tibial Tubercle Avulsions Indications and Techniques

Drs Jazrawi and Strauss discuss their techniques and demonstrate their technique for tibial..
By Dr. Laith Jazrawi
5 years ago

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