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The Future of Hip Operations

by Winston Kim | 10 months ago

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Winston Kim discusses how he sees the future of hip surgery and treating hip arthritis

Gluteus Medius Trans Tendinous Repair - Hip arthroscopy

Tears in the gluteus medius and minimus tendons have recently emerged as an important cause of..
By American Hip Institute
9 years ago

Femoroplasty for CAM Lesion Decompression

The region of the femoroplasty is marked under fluoroscopic guidance. The femoroplasty begins at..
By Benjamin Domb, MD
2 years ago

Dome preparation.MPG

This is the shaving of the top of the femoral head, removing the arthritic bone so that it can be..
By Edwin P. Su, MD
11 years ago

Patient Testimonial for David Saper MD | Susan Hip Fracture Patient

Susan's experience with a Hemiarthroplasty (hip replacement) surgery after a sustained hip..
By ORC - Orthopaedic &..
1 year ago

Surgical Advances in Hip Arthroscopy presented by Mark Wagner, M.D.

NSI Running Symposium Presenter: Mark Wagner, M.D. "Surgical Advances in Hip Arthroscopy"
By Mark B. Wagner, M.D
7 years ago

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