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Third Year Resident Training

by Nicholas B. Frisch MD | 4 months ago

#hipreplacement #farmington #patientcare At Frisch Ortho, whether it be training residents, PAs, or arthroplasty surgeons, our clinic is equipped with everything necessary to help them grow. Dr. Ben Diedring shares what a day can look like in the lab with Dr. Frisch.

Scott Koss MD

Scott Koss MD Visit https://www.orthowisconsin.com/ for more information.
By Orthopaedic Associates of..
1 year ago

Hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement surgery
By David William Fabi, M.D.
11 years ago

Iliotibial Band Stretch

This IT Bans Stretch is especially important for runners. Search over 500 free workout videos @..
By Erik D.Peterson, MD
13 years ago

Total Hip Arthroscopy Surgery Video

Total Hip Arthroscopy Surgery Video Visit http://www.peakorthopedics.com/ for more information
By Craig Loucks, MD
7 years ago

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