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Prevent ACL Injuries This Football Season

by Kai Mithoefer, MD | 9 months ago

Dr. Mithoefer, a sports orthopedic specialist, provides several strengthening exercises athletes can perform to prevent ACL injuries.

Sports Cases with Dr. Robin West

The UVA Ortho Sports Faculty review shoulder and knee cases with visiting professor Dr. Robin West
By Robin V. West, MD
4 years ago

BEAR: Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restoration

The BEAR implant aids in the ability to heal a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and restore..
By Kai Mithoefer, MD
1 year ago

Quad Tendon ACL Graft Prep

The quadriceps tendon for ACL grafts has grown in popularity recently. The video demonstrates how..
By Amit Momaya, MD
1 year ago

BEAR Implant Animation | Surgery for ACL Tears | Miach Orthopaedics

Bridge-enhanced ACL restoration (BEAR) is a game-changing new procedure that stimulates a torn ACL..
By Grant H. Garcia, MD
2 years ago

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