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Why I became an Orthopedic Surgeon? - Dr. Brian Murphy

by Brian Murphy, MS, M.D. | 4 years ago

Dr. Brian Murphy specializes in orthopedic surgery, reconstructive orthopedic surgery, and more. Visit http://www.brianmurphymd.com/ for more information.

Initial Appointment Expectations - Dr. Anuj Prasher | South Florida Orthopaedics

Dr. Anuj Prasher, M.D., F.A.A.O.S., of South Florida Orthopaedics explains what patients should..
By Anuj Prasher, MD
9 years ago

Ben Hansen, MD, discusses how cold weather affects joints

Can people with arthritis really sense that the weather is changing? Ben Hansen, MD, discusses how..
By Benjamin J. Hansen, M.D.
5 years ago

Total Hip Arthroscopy Surgery Video

Total Hip Arthroscopy Surgery Video Visit http://www.peakorthopedics.com/ for more information
By Craig Loucks, MD
7 years ago

Benefits of Knee Arthroscopy

Dr. Milan DiGiulio, board-certified orthopaedic surgeon and Sports Medicine specialist, informs..
By Performance Orthopaedic..
7 months ago

Shoulder Injury Exercises | Post Shoulder Surgery Exercises | Phase 5

Shoulder Rehabilitation - PHASE 5 Welcome to our Shoulder Rehabilitation video series. The..
By Matthew T. Boes M.D.
7 years ago

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