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Why We Eat (Too Much) Book Introduction

by Dr. Andrew | 2 years ago

The ideas behind Why We Eat (Too Much)

Meridian Weightless - Karl Strom, M.D. - Patients

Is weight-loss surgery right for you? http://www.MeridianWeightless.com
By NJ Weight Loss Doctors
7 years ago

Lucy Hockenhull Testimonial

Lucy Hockenhull Testimonial Visit https://www.obesitysurgerymanchester.... for more information.
By Prof. Siba Senapati
2 years ago

Sleeve Gastrectomy in female BMI 42 by Dr Craig Taylor OClinic

this is how a sleeve gastrectomy is performed. It is a form of weightloss procedure that works by..
By Dr Michael Hatzifotis
12 years ago

Dr. Arif Ahmad - Bariatric Surgeon at Northwell Health

Dr. Ahmad is the director of bariatric surgery at Mather Hospital. He specializes in both..
By Dr. Arif Ahmad
2 years ago

Mobility, arthritis, and Weight Loss Surgery

Being able to move with less pain (or No pain!) is one of the most common MAJOR rewards of WLS..
By Walter Medlin, M.D.
3 years ago

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