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AM Interview

by Anuruddh Kumar Misra, MD | 7 years ago

Dr. Misra discusses the Norovirus outbreak in San Jose "The Four" on KTVU, FOX 2, May 18th, 2017


Dr. Misra invited to speak about the potential of a scientific breakthrough from the State of Israel
By Anuruddh Kumar Misra, MD
5 years ago

Three Steps to Social Media Marketing

Boutique digital content creating and marketing firm, SoClients, shares three steps to social..
By SoClients
1 year ago

When Should I consider Acupuncture?

When Should I consider Acupuncture? Visit https://www.newportbeachortho.com/ for more..
By NewportCare Medical Group
3 years ago

Podcast Words Intro

Brand new podcast. Listen to this quick introduction on what is coming up with Sports Doc Talk.
By Dr. Grant Garcia
1 year ago

California lawmakers introduce Safe Youth Football

Dr. Misra reached for expert opinion related to concussion and bill to prevent minors from playing..
By Anuruddh Kumar Misra, MD
6 years ago

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