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Dr. Thomas Kishen talks about BackPain

by Dr. Thomas J Kishen | 16 days ago

Dr. Thomas Kishen talks about BackPain Bangalore Spine Clinic comprises of a multidisciplinary team that offers a holistic approach to the

Another Lumbar Fusion Patient Doing Better

Jon Tanner injured himself at work and his back pain was at a level of extreme. He first met with..
By Synapse Medical Group
2 years ago

Dave Towell's Back Pain

Dave Towell's Back Pain Visit http://www.drscotmiller.com/ for more information
By Scot D Miller
3 years ago

Supine Piriformis - Stretch Video

Supine Piriformis - Stretch Video Visit http://www.michaelshepardmd.com/ for more information
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7 years ago

Dr. Zaid Al Aubaidi - Monte Carlo Radio

Newborn babies sitting more than 30 mins on safety chairs in cars could be harmful.
By Burjeel Hospital for..
2 years ago

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