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Exercises Your Joints Will Love

by Benjamin Domb, M.D. | 2 months ago

Exercises Your Joints Will Love Visit https://www.americanhipinstitute.com/ for more information.

ON Fit40 Joint Health

ON Fit40 Joint Health
By Dr. Brian J. Cole, MD
2 years ago

SI Joint Pain: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment - Dr. Badlani

Hear Neil Badlani, MD, MBA, a Board-certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at The Orthopedic Sports..
By Neil Badlani, M.D.
2 years ago

Dr. Jabbour talks about knee and joint health on Fox 23

Dr. Tony Jabbour board certified orthopaedic surgeon from Tulsa Bone and Joint Associates talks..
By Antoine (Tony) I. Jabbour, MD
9 years ago

Cold Laser

Cold Laser Although called cold laser, this laser is not really cold, but instead it is of lower..
By Illinois Sports Medicine and..
3 years ago

AC Joint Reconstruction using EndoButton and Dog Bone Technique

Dr. Laith Jazrawi presents his surgical technique for acromioclavicular joint reconstruction using..
By Dr. Laith Jazrawi
7 years ago

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