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Hip Labral repair

by Timothy J. Jackson, M.D. | 3 months ago

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VV MI Hip Registration

The Vector Vision Minimally Invavise system not only takes existing bone structures and the..
By Dr. Rodney Gordon
11 years ago

Minimally Invasive Anterior Hip Replacement

The anterior approach is an approach to the front of the hip joint as opposed to a lateral (side)..
By Anterior Hip Replacement..
10 years ago

Difference in partial knee replacement, 2 compartment replacement and full knee replacement?

Dr. Henry Blum, Dr. Terry Clyburn, and Dr. Brian Parsley, discuss the difference in partial knee..
By Brian S. Parsley. M.D.
7 years ago

What are the most common causes of knee pain symptoms?

Dr. Eric Berkman and Dr. Henry Blum, discuss the common causes of knee pain symptoms.
By Brian S. Parsley. M.D.
7 years ago

Depuy Direct Anterior Total Hip Replacement Animated Video

This video is an animated simulaion of a total hip replacement done with the direct anterior..
By Sridhar Durbhakula, M.D.
8 years ago

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