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Lack of Sleep Can Make You Sick

by True North Neurology | 2 years ago

Our bodies need sleep like we need air. Learn how lack of sleep can make you sick

What is Coordinated Care?

What is Coordinated Care? Visit https://www.acerehab.com/ for more information.
By ACE Rehab
3 years ago

Homerton Improving Quality - Victoria Newlands-Bentley, Homerton Simulation 2016

Homerton Improving Quality - Victoria Newlands-Bentley This presentation was given at the 6th..
By Journal of Surgical Simulation
8 years ago

Soy & Edamame Hummus Culinary Medicine Session

In this video, we discuss the common myths around soy, health benefits and prepare an easy 10..
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3 years ago

Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis and Treatment / Patient Testimonial: Pippa

Pippa, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, was treated by David S. Feldman, MD, an orthopedic surgeon..
By David S. Feldman, MD
4 years ago

5 Steps to Make a Patient Testimonial

Enjoy this video on how to make a patient testimonial in 5 easy steps!
By SoClients
3 years ago

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