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May is National Walking Month

by Dr. Michael Lawson Swank | 1 month ago

Dr. Swank discusses the benefits of walking on FOX 19 NOW. Visit https://www.michaelswankmd.com/ for more information.

ACL Reconstruction With Flexible Reamers and FastThread BioComposite Interference Screw

Travis Maak, MD, (Salt Lake City, UT) demonstrates ACL reconstruction with a patella tendon graft,..
By Travis G. Maak, M.D
5 years ago

Dr. Grant H. Garcia discusses his revision ACL algorithm and what he does to improve outcomes

Dr. Garcia talks about revision ACL surgeries and the extra procedures needed to have a successful..
By Grant H. Garcia, MD
4 years ago

Hours after Total Knee Replacement

Hours after Total Knee Replacement Visit https://www.frischortho.com for more information.
By Nicholas B. Frisch MD
6 years ago

Who needs a Knee Replacement?

Dr. Morteza Meftah, Hip and Knee Joint Reconstruction Specialist, New York, NY..
By Morteza Meftah, M.D.
3 years ago

Alternating Bridges - 6 -12 Weeks

Alternating Bridges - 6 -12 Weeks Visit https://www.edwinsu.com/ for more information.
By Edwin P. SU, MD
5 years ago

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