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Now I no longer need a stick to walk!

by Dr. Ramen Goel | 6 months ago

Mrs Gehi was 66 years when she underwent bariatric surgery in March 2019. At 130 kgs, she could hardly walk with a stick. She had pain & stiffness in her knees, hypertension and hypothyroidism. Simple activity such as walking would also seem like a big task for her. She underwent Sleeve

Patient Testimonial - Janet

Patient Testimonial - Janet
By Dr. Arif Ahmad
11 years ago

Long Term Weight & Diabetes Control - A Patient's 8 Years Follow up Experience

Mr K S had surgery over 8 years back for about 140 kgs weight and diabetes. He required 3..
By Dr. Ramen Goel
2 years ago

Super obese patient after 10 days of Mini Gastric Bypass|Best Weight Loss Surgeon In India|Punjab

Gastric bypass in India , Mini Gastric Bypass at Kular Hospital, Bija, Punjab, India Contact Info:..
By Obesity & Metabolic Surgery..
11 years ago

FAQ - Pre op & Post Op Diets

FAQ - Pre op & Post Op Diets Visit https://www.nwls.com.au/ for more information.
By Dr. Dhan Thiruchelvam
3 years ago

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