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NTV Kenya on twittwer Dr. Francis Mbuga

by Dr. Francis Mbugua | 25 days ago

An Antigravity Treadmill Helped Me Fix My Running Form | Better | NBC News

The anti-gravity treadmill uses air pressure to reduce body weight while running, helping diagnose..
By Dr Brian Hsu - Adult &..
3 years ago

Orthopedic Surgeon, Brian Gilmer

There's a lot of great things we could say about Dr. Brian Gilmer, but this time we'll let him do..
By Mammoth Orthopedic Institute
1 year ago

SBO: Zack Martin Sports Injury Prevention

Zack Martin with Notre Dame Football is a perfect example of sport injury prevention. He holds the..
By South Bend Orthopaedics
6 years ago

Mike Loosemore March 2017

In this video, Dr Mike Loosemore, Lead Consulant in Sports and Exercise Medicine at the Institute..
By City Orthopaedics
4 years ago

Meet Dr Brandon Bryant, MD, with Inova Sports Medicine Institute

Category People & Blogs License Standard YouTube License
By Brandon Bryant, M.D.
3 years ago

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