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Christopher Kilian, M.D.

Christopher Kilian, M.D.

Contact - Christopher Kilian, M.D. +1 262 303 5144

domail link:  http://www.christopherkilianmd.com


Arthroscopy, Total Shoulder Replacement, Contracture, Shoulder Arthroscopy, Tennis Elbow Surgery, Shoulder Instability, Lateral Epicondylitis, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Reverse Shoulder Replacement, Revision Shoulder Replacements, Fracture Reconstruction, Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff, Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repairs, Rotator Cuff Repairs, Arthroscopic Labral Repair, Arthroscopic Bicep Tenodesis, Calcific Tendinitis, Triceps Repair, Decompression Therapy, Revision Rotator Cuff Surgery, Complex Fracture Repair, Distal Biceps Repair, Ultrasound evaluation of the shoulder, AC Joint Stabilization, Open Latarjet/Instability, Arthroscopic Biceps Tenodesis, Computer Navigated Shoulder Replacement, Short-Stem and Stemless Shoulder Replacement, Shoulder Replacement for Fracture, Shoulder Fracture Fixation/Reconstruction