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Quick Video Tip: Knee Arthritis Pain Treatments

by Desert Orthopedic Center | 3 years ago

Dr. Ghassan Boghosian,orthopedic surgeon, discusses knee arthritis and treatments for knee pain.

TMI Sports Medicine - Post-Operative Knee Brace Use

The following video demonstrates the proper use of the knee immobilizer after any post-operative..
By TMI Sports Medicine and..
10 years ago

Delois walks the day after Knee Surgery with Dr. Haronian

Meet Delois McPike, she had surgery on her knee by Dr. Edwin Haronian. She heard terrible stories..
By Synapse Medical Group
5 years ago

ACL recon 6 months - knee rotation on box jumps | Feat. Tim Keeley | No.49 | Physio REHAB

Aurelin at 6 months post-op ACL reconstruction - identifying the weakness and incorrect motor..
By Asghar Husain, M.D
5 years ago

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