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Seven Weeks After Total Hip Replacement | Dr. Max Lincoln

by Maximillian C. Lincoln, MD | 12 months ago

Dr. Max Lincoln is a hip & knee joint replacement specialist offering cutting-edge non-surgical and surgical treatments for a whole range of orthopedic conditions.

What kind of problem were you having?

A patient at the Orthopaedic Specialists Institute Medical Group of Orange County (OSIMGOC)..
By Michael Shepard, M.D.
11 years ago

Dr. Eggers's patient testimonial hip 6

Here is what patients have to say after their hip replacement surgery
By John P. Eggers, M.D.
11 months ago

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Patient returns walking without a limp and no cane only 2 weeks after minimally invasive total hip..
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3 years ago

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Dr. Shane Nho has been actively involved in research throughout his medical career and has..
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