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Shoulder Arthroscopy

by Matt Stanislas | 10 years ago

This video shows a shoulder arthroscopy in progress. Please visit http://www.shouldersurgeon.biz for more information.

Dr Storer of U18 Sports Medicine discusses shoulder injuries

U18 Sports Medicine sponsors the Timeout Segments during the South Florida High School Football..
By Joe DiMaggio Children`s..
9 years ago

Thrower's Ball Drop Series

This video is about Thrower's Ball Drop Series
By TMI Sports Medicine and..
5 years ago

Grade 4 AC Separation tumble

Grade 4 AC Separation tumble Visit http://www.acjointseparation.com/grad... for more information
By Steven Struhl MD
4 years ago

Scap Squeeze - Stretch Video

Scap Squeeze - Stretch Video Visit http://www.michaelshepardmd.com/ for more information
By Michael Shepard. MD
8 years ago

Supine (on you back) Passive Elevation with Pole

Supine (on you back) Passive Elevation with Pole
By Dr. Jeffrey B. Witty
3 years ago

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