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Stephen Smith Testimonial

by Dr. Tunde Adeyefa | 7 months ago

Stephen Smith Testimonial

IBS symptoms, the low FODMAP diet and the Monash app that can help

Website: http://bit.ly/1vXL2tQ App: http://bit.ly/1PKfK3Y Booklet: http://bit.ly/1yFzqxg
By Gastro Services Eastern..
8 years ago

Gastrointestinal Health - Inflammation and How it Affects CardioMetabolic Health

Visit https://www.mdkota.com/ for more information.#shorts #gastrointestinalhealth #guthealth..
By Srinivas Kota, MD
3 months ago

AI colonoscopies may produce smarter results, doctors say

New test uses artificial intelligence to spot polyps, where all colorectal cancers begin. Doctors..
By National Ambulatory Surgery..
5 years ago

Dr. Prakash Shankar talks about Intestinal Gas

How to take care of Intestinal Gas? This video by Dr. Prakash Shankar explains you more in detail
By Aster Gastrocare
6 years ago

Capsule Endoscopy

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Dr. Jayakumar Kannan, explains the process of Capsule Endoscopy, as..
By Aster Gastrocare
6 years ago

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