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Thomas Stretch

by Hal David Martin, DO | 2 months ago

72 year old patient riding horse 2 weeks and 1 day after her total hip replacement!

SJ is a wonderful 72 year old patient who just sent us this video of her back on her horse 2 weeks..
By Nicholas B Frisch, MD
2 years ago

DJO Global X Act Rom Product

DJO Global X Act Rom Product Dr Benjamin Domb shares his expertise with the benefits of using..
By Benjamin Domb, MD
8 years ago

Hip Arthroscopy: Full Thickness Delaminated Acetabular Cartilage Flap with Microfracture

Acetabular chondral damage, chondral flap, or "carpet delamination" is clearly seen at the..
By American Hip Institute
9 years ago

Amy diving competitively after treatment for Perthes disease

I dove competitively all throughout middle and high school. Dealing with hip pain throughout those..
By David S. Feldman, MD
3 years ago

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