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WAVY's "Hampton Roads Show" with Dr. Moore

by Bunion Doctors | 5 months ago

February 4, 2022—Dr. Blake Moore from Atlantic Orthopaedic Specialists joined WAVY’s “Hampton Roads Show” in a sponsored segment to discuss what bunion deformities are, what causes them to form and the options available for managing and treating them, including Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion

What causes flat feet, and how is it corrected?

What causes flat feet, and how is it corrected Visit http://www.northlondonfootandankle.co... for..
By Mr. Garth Allardice
4 years ago

Lapiplasty Surgical Demonstration

Lapiplasty® Surgical Demonstration
By Bunion Doctors
3 years ago

Calcaneal Osteotomy Case and Discussion

Calcaneal Osteotomy Case and Discussion. Visit https://www.craigradnaymd.com/ to know more.
By Dr. Craig S. Radnay
3 years ago

Jessica's experience at 6 weeks after Keyhole/Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery with Mr David Gordon

Jessica talks about why she sought surgery for her bunion, as she couldn't wear fashionable shoes..
By Mr David Gordon
12 months ago

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