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Bariatric Surgery - Lucy video testimonial

by Dr. Ramen Goel | 1 year ago

Bariatric Surgery - Lucy video testimonial For more details:

I feel more control over my food!

Mr Hrishi underwent bariatric surgery in Dec 2021 and has lost over 40-45 kgs. He was always..
By Dr. Ramen Goel
2 years ago

Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Band educational video - Dr Vytauras Kuzinkovas

www.advancedobesitysurgery.com.au, Tel: 1300 551 533 This is a short introduction into..
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13 years ago

Bariatric Surgery and Disease States | Dr. Joseph Chebli

When it comes to treatment for diseases such as Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Sleep..
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3 years ago

Role of Bariatric Surgery in Diabetes Control by Dr. Ramen Goel

Diabetes treatment has undergone a revolutionary transformation with surgical treatment of..
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3 years ago

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