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COVID-19 Best Practices Pain Management

by University Pain Centers | 11 months ago

Dr. Steven P. Cohen of Johns Hopkins and Dr. Friedhelm Sandbrink of the Veterans Health Administration discuss new COVID-19 guidelines for pain management with Johns Hopkins' Dr. Shravani Durbhakula. PAIN MEDICINE published "Pain Management Best Practices from

Homecare Agency

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By Elevation Homecare Agency
2 years ago

Harlem Shake, Las Vegas Babies

Two cool one year olds in vegas along with a white tiger, elvis and some dinosaurs rock it out to..
By Total Sports Medicine &..
8 years ago

Ice Ball Formation Sped Up

Ice Ball Formation Sped Up
By Garey Orthopedic Medical Group
2 years ago

Endoscopic Laminectomy

Traditional Lumbar Laminectomy Webster Spine Institute, Saqib Hasan, MD
By Saqib Hasan, MD
10 months ago

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