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Knee Range of Motion | Postoperative Care

by Robert Burks, MD | 3 months ago

Robert Burks, MD | Postoperative Care Please visit https://www.robertburksmd.com/ for more information.

Brianna's Testimonial after Knee ACL Reconstruction

Brianna is an OrthoWashington patient who had a left knee ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)..
By OrthoWashington
2022 years ago

Hit by Bus and Walking Again | Dr. Nassos Patient Testimonial

Meet Brandy Lesure Brandy was struck by a shuttle bus on May 10th, 2014, she has been under the..
By Synapse Medical Group
4 years ago

Patient Specific Instruments (PSI)

Patient Specific Instruments (PSI) Visit http://www.davidmackmd.com/ for more information
By David R. Mack, M.D.
6 years ago

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