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Mark Baer 4 weeks post op Hip Resurfacing

by Edwin P. Su, MD | 13 years ago

Mark Baer skiing at just under four weeks post op, don't try this yourself!


This demonstrates a good preparation of the femoral bone with an intimate fit of the femoral trial..
By Edwin P. Su, MD
12 years ago

Indications for Hip Arthroscopy - Dr Maurcio Herrera

Hip arthroscopy is often indicated if the patient has a painful hip condition that does has not..
By Dr. Mauricio Herrera
2 years ago

Lauren's Story

Lauren's Story Visit http://www.shanenhomd.com/ for more information
By Shane J. Nho, M.D
4 years ago

Post Operation Patient Recovery and Rehabilitation Following a Hip Resurfacing (BHR) Operation

Jim Jenkinson received a right Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) operation in 2010 performed by Mr..
By The McMinn Centre
11 years ago

VV MI Hip Registration

The Vector Vision Minimally Invavise system not only takes existing bone structures and the..
By Edgar Eduardo Fernandez, MD
13 years ago

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