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Treating Holiday Stress and Depression with Acupuncture

by NewportCare Medical Group | 2 years ago

Learn about the benefits of acupuncture during the holidays from the experts at Newport Care. #newportcare #acupuncture #holidaystress #depression #DrJulineBusuioc

Dr. Gloria Beim - 2019 Commencement Speech - Western Colorado University

Dr. Gloria Beim's commencement speech to the 2019 graduating class of Western Colorado University
By Gloria Beim, M.D.
5 years ago

Hydration Tips to Improve your Golf Game

#backpain #muscle #golf The experts at the Spine Clinic of Oklahoma City share hydration tips for..
By The Spine Clinic of Oklahoma..
1 year ago

Podcast Words Intro

Brand new podcast. Listen to this quick introduction on what is coming up with Sports Doc Talk.
By Dr. Grant Garcia
1 year ago

Foods That Help You Heal After Surgery

#heal #recovery #nutrition The experts at South Palm Orthopedics educate on foods that heal after..
By South Palm Orthopedics
10 months ago

How You Move is Who You Are

HSS Has Been #1 for Straight 9 Years.
By Jonathan Vigdorchik, M.D
4 years ago

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